How to Comment on Blogs

Commenting on a blog is easy. If you comment well, you could attract a new reader to your blog; if you make a mess of it, you could be labeled spam.

So it’s no surprise new bloggers avoid commenting. They don’t want to get it wrong or feel they have nothing to add, and when they search the Web for information on commenting, they find little. Here are some basic comment rules; now, go forth and comment!

  1. Don’t start with: “Dear” or end with “Hugs from” – leave that for personal conversations, like e-mail.
  2. Don’t include personal information (other than required). Search engines are clever; just check out People Search and you will understand why.
  3. If the post inspires you to write something of your own, let the blogger know. Caveat: Don’t regurgitate; write something that will add to the information already there.
  4. Remain on topic. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, but don’t change the focus.
  5. Don’t kvetch. If you have a genuine difference of opinion, that’s terrific and makes for interesting reading. Put it in, back it up, start a conversation!
  6. If you have additional information on the post, share.
  7. If you know of a related post elsewhere on the Web – point it out – but make sure it’s relevant.
  8. Don’t use links in comments for better ranking from search engines. It doesn’t work anyway; Google offered bloggers a way to prevent comment spam two years ago and most hosts make use of it.
  9. Don’t forsake basic grammar. It shows respect for the blogger, and the post. Keep a copy of the journalists’ bible, Elements of Style, on hand.
  10. Think! Intelligent comments lead to interest; interest leads people to your site. A potential new reader for you – only if you are thoughtful.
  11. Don’t be mean or rude. It makes you look stupid.
  12. Ask questions; if you want to know something and it’s not in the post, just ask.

If you are interested in knowing more about commenting, check out:

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  1. Lid

    Well I guess I totally stuffed up my commenets, are you referring this to me??? Are you. Hmmm, well the good news is that through all our contact and all the information you have posted I have actually learned a few things. Also I finally published a book – its of wedding pictures and looks amazing. Hope you come back to Australia so I can show you.


  2. Lidija Davis says:

    Very cute you are!

    I figured you are new to this and it might help :)

    I am very happy you are enjoying the blog experience; i may have to go to Blurb for the book too.

  3. Eula says:

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    lots of valuable information, thanks for providing such

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