Photoshopped or Not?

Photoshopped or not?

Came across this great pic of Australia over on Strange Maps – nature or art?  The accidental cartography post is quite accurate when it points out the irony of the drought stricken land.

So what do you think?  Real or not?  There are some interesting comments on the urban legend site, Snopes.


5 Responses to “Photoshopped or Not?”

  1. Sergio says:

    It looks quite real. But reflection in the water is not so realistic.

  2. It looks real. Nice art!

  3. tank says:

    it photoshoped

  4. The fact that it looks like the tire tracks are somewhat trying to avoid the water with at least one set of wheels I think it is real!

  5. Robyn says:

    Hi just popped over from doshdosh and saw this photo … hopped around again and came back to comment. I think it’s real but I am a total photoshop beginner so what would I know? I am Australian though and have to agree with much of the commentary over at snopes. The surrounds look a whole lot like Australia as opposed to Sudan where it was supposedly taken by soldiers on duty.

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