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What is RSS

May 1 was RSS awareness day.  If you don’t know what RSS is, check this video out (3:43 mins)

Alltop – Encouraging the Mainstream

Do you know what Alltop is and who it is for?

No Squint

NoSquint is now available for Firefox 3.0b4; it makes text zoom work the way it’s supposed to

Introduction to Memetics: What is a meme?

Online memes come in many forms, from viral videos to entire content “genres.”  If you don’t know what they are, this is a great article to read.

Video Sitemaps

How to create and submit video sitemap files

Best Practices when moving your site

Planning on moving your site to a new domain? Read this if you want to know how do you do it without hurting your site’s performance in Google search results

Making your footer stay put with CSS

How to dock your footer to the botton of your screen

63 Impressive website background images, trends, resources and tutorials

Including stunning examples and trends, where to find background images, how to control element backgrounds with CSS, and how to create your own.


Click Heat

ClickHeat is an open source visual tool for showing “hot” and “cold” zones of a web page. It allows you to see which spots users click on most, and which spots are being ignored.


YSlow for Firebug is a free tool for Mozilla Firefox that gives you information about your front-end design to see if it performs well. It gives you a letter grade (A through F) and outlines your web page’s trouble spots.

Social Media

4 Pillars of Social Media Algorithms

Ever wonder why some Digg submissions go hot at 25, while others don’t at 270+?

Twitter Dilemma

To tweet or not to tweet; pros and cons - 50 links and tools

Muhammad Saleem on the importance of community

Social media marketing maven, Muhammad Saleem discusses the concept of community building and the importance of maintaining a strong network.

Rethinking blog comments: Much more than just a quick way to get Web traffic

Commenting can help you get some quick traffic; it may help with search rankings, but did you know it can also help with marketing?

Ultimate Social Media Resource List

Whether your interest is in social media marketing, or general social media participation, this resource list is invaluable in assisting in your journey.


How to blog design style guide

Want a better blog design? Concentrate on these nine elements

60 Great RSS Icons for your blog

The first 43 are free, the rest you need to check

10 Ways to improve blog traffic in 30 minutes or less

Creating link clusters, reworking HTML tags, and editing are a few of the tips listed here, why not try them all out?

How to get piles of links, subscribers and comments

Without the ability to gather links, subscribers and comments, your blog can’t grow; read this post to learn more about how to make it happen.

The Writers block guide to producing compelling content

So what happens when you’re due for a blog post but don’t quite have a topic in mind? Here are some ideas that should help when the dreaded blogger’s block hits.

3 Advanced Tips to Optimize your blog feed

Is your feed optimized?  If not, read this.

22 Essential Habits towards blogging success

What marks the difference between a regular blogger and a pro blogger?  Read this to find out.

SEO 2.0

How do images get ranked in Image Search

When you perform a search for images at a search engine, do you ever wonder why some pictures show up before others?  Here’s why.

Measuring SEO success

Some history and how-to behind the personalized search success measurement conundrum, and a blueprint for educating site owners.

Creating a natural link profile for your site

Developing a natural link profile is going to become more and more important this year, especially since Google is taking action against sites it perceives as purchasing links.

How to tell if your domain is banned in a search engine

Do you have a domain that appears to have ranking problems in Google, Yahoo or MSN? If you do, try reading this to find out why.

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